What Can I Do For You?


I am a results and solutions driven, on and off-line, PR and marketing professional with a passion for planning and executing campaigns that drive inquiries, revenue and client life-time value.


  • I simplify both products and services. I focus on end-user benefits to increase client confidence, and take up

Proven customer acquisition campaign management

  • Using a mix of best website user experience, email marketing, social media and search engine optimisation to entice web-site visitors to buy, or send valuable data

Efficient Client Communications

  • Increase cross selling, client confidence and retention based marketing

User experience simplification & e-Commerce portal optimisation

  • Web visitors are given a simple way to navigate their way to products and information

My Career Aims

I have dedicated the past five years to holistic, on and off-line marketing and PR. Right now, generalists are out, and specialists are in. My career aim is to focus on my core strengths. I have had the majority of my successes in planning and executing email, social media and content marketing, web project management, MarComs and search engine optimisation.

What sets me apart from other candidates: I have practiced holistic marketing.

This gives me an edge when I manage a campaign. Why? Brand campaign continuity in its planning and execution ensures that every stakeholder is on the same page. I have working knowledge that unified campaigns yield excellent results. The key to succeeding on and off-line is to have measurable results.

Contact me to further clarify any information on this site. I look forward to receiving your email.

Anthony Leaton

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